Create Vision

Navigate Leadership – Create Vision chapter introduction

An organization can spend considerable time shaping the strategic intent based on their current mission (where they are) and future aspirational vision (where they want to be). Moreover, will ultimately impact its allocation of resources and investments. The same can be applied to the Executive Leader where the forming and acting upon their personal vision shapes their current and future activities and provides direction.

Most leadership discussion starts with crafting a personal vision statement, which in its simplest form provides a clear understanding of where you want to be and consider:

  • How do you make your personal vision happen?
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be?
  • On what is your personal vision based? Myth or reality?
  • Is your personal vision aligned to who you are, your values and leadership style?
  • What time frame is your vision based?

I have met many leaders who have taken time out to consider and create their personal vision statement. However, as soon as they return to reality, they forget their short snappy statement, and there is no longer alignment with their declared actions. They may even place it on a card on the desk and despite staring at it every day, they see through it as if it no longer exists.

A personal vision is powerful when we live it, and there is congruence between what you believe in and what you actually do.

When John F Kennedy declared that the U.S.A wanted to put a man on the moon, this was not some random statement based on spin and dreams. Many of the components required to make this happen were already in place, the vision became the catalyst to turn it into reality.

As an Executive Leader, your personal vision will impact the team and other stakeholders. It should be important to you, but equally consider how it will shape the beliefs, behaviours, direction, and actions of others.

Your personal vision should have alignment with the organization’s strategic vision. Achieving your personal success is highly dependent on the organization achieving its success, and there should be a mutually symbiotic relationship that results in win-win outcomes.


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