Strategic Thinking Consultancy

Customer: UK Government Department 

Developed a strategic thinking workshop to review the direction and identify strategic issues likely to impact its ability to meet its objectives.

  • Phase 1: Needs analysis 
  1. The business objectives. What performance enhancements are sought, from any initiative undertaken?
  2. How will this be measured in terms of performance enhancements?
  3. Identify the strategic intent. As a result of the changes to the department, the following should be established:
    1. What is the strategic intent now?
      1. What is the vision – where do you want to be and by when?
      2. What is the mission – where are you now as a result of the change?
      3. What are the implications in terms of the resources (physical and technical), and what resources will be required in the future?
  • Phase 2: Workshop

Identify key components of the strategic mission and issues focusing on the following broad areas.

  1. What resources are required to deliver the Vision?
  2. What current resources need to be modified to achieve the Vision?
  3. What strategic alliances are required both internally and externally to ensure that the vision is delivered?
  4. How will the new vision and direction of the organization be communicated to stakeholders and how will the resultant change be managed as a process?