Virtual Management

Management is a well-studied art in a co-located environment, but what about in a virtual and remote setting? 

Imagine you are work in London with a team of five, two of which are in Bratislava and the rest in Mumbai.  How do you ensure that the team operates effectively?

Face the issues: time zones, culture, distance – balancing work and home life.  Are you prepared to get up early, work weekends, be a slave to your mobile device so that you get the tasks completed?

What training have you been given for this?  How well prepared are you?  How has your organization prepared you for?  Your technical skills are not being questioned but ask yourself what additional skills do you need to operate successfully in a virtual setting.   

I can not find a lot of formal academic resources on this subject but there are plenty of organizations operating this way.  Blogs and personal insights provide a good insight.  I do like leadingvirtually for good insights into virtual working.

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